I aim to shape products, interfaces and services that mediate meaningful dialogues between people, systems and their environments within everyday life.

Business solution helping companies improve marketing, sales, and service engagement with their customers.

user experience

Marketing management solution for planning, executing and measuring campaigns across channels.

user experience, user research

A public installation for the Seattle Design Festival that engaged the audience to move, creating a visual and analog record of the festival.

installation, space, interaction

Data visualization explorations and projects.

data visualization, interaction design

A personal project to map bike-friendly routes and discover city tours to help urban cyclists safely navigate and explore a city.

interaction, mobile, user research

Geo-temporal visualization of data allowing analysts to track movement and activities to reveal patterns of behaviour through time and space.

data visualization

Memorables integrate marbles within a tangible, playful system to store tidbits of memories for reflection, sharing, and exploration.

user research, interaction, tangible

Modular communication system that keeps solo travellers in touch with loved ones back home, while also providing a safety net for the traveller in medical emergencies.

user research, interaction, mobile

Historical and ethnographic research to gain an understanding of Sai Yeung Choi’s modern development, physical character, and life patterns.

ethnography, research

Design initiative for the Hong Kong government to combine various government employment services into one shared location.

service design

Self-portrait visualizing my locations, routes and transportation modes over 5 days of my life following the form of Hong Kong’s topography.

data visualization

Concept for an interactive digital product to address the needs of the working parent to remain connected with his family at work without compromising his business tasks.

affective computing, mobile

Interactive, computer-assisted framework for creating composite images from multiple viewpoints.

computer graphics, interaction