I aim to shape products, interfaces and services that mediate meaningful dialogues between people, systems and their environments within everyday life.


I was born and raised in Canada eh, and I’m a UX designer at Microsoft. My academic background integrated computer science and fine art – two seemingly disparate interests that have defined my academic experience and continue to define my daily life. My curiosity about the everyday experience propels me to create compelling human-centered interactions through thoughtful design.

I worked in Toronto and Stockholm as a web developer/designer before pursuing an MDes in Interaction Design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of Design. During my studies I focused on human-centered design and user research to enable and support immersive, affective communication via technological means. I went back to Toronto to design complex data visualization systems before venturing over to the Pacific Northwest.

In my free time I adventure around the globe, capture photos on my film cameras, organize design events with IxDA, and go on urban explorations on my vintage bicycle.

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Drop me a line to say hi: hello [at] michelleli.ca