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IDEO Labs Exquisite Corpse Experiment

IDEO Labs put together a collaborative and non-linear visual story inspired by the exquisite corpse style of storytelling:

The exquisite corpse model is rooted in the surrealist movement, and we are inspired by how many experiments currently in public domain play with its framework (or lack thereof). Our take on the model—in which we essentially asked a group of collaborators to submit sentences/fragments—was to create a dynamic visualization for the “exquisite” story our writers had crafted. These collective fragments formed a base on which we layered sensory artifacts, from voice-over to tagged visuals, and we were curious as to how far we could take the experience.

They asked 150 people to submit a Twitter-length sentence. Using those fragments, they compiled a 1600-word story narrated by a single voice and illustrated it with images from Flickr linked to key words.

via Core77