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I just downloaded the AntiMap Log iPhone app to try out on my next snowboarding trip. The mobile app allows you to record your own data in real time as you are out and about, whether it be mountain biking, skiing, running or driving. Collected data such as latitude, longitude, compass direction, speed, distance, and time, can then be analyzed and visualized with a suite of AntiMap tools: AntiMap Simple and AntiMap Video.

Originally created as a snowboarding/ski application, AntiMap Video syncs riders’ video footage with real-time stats, giving an impression of a video game:

AntiMap Simple is an HTML5/Processing visualization for the log data. The visualization below is for the same snowboarder. AntiMap describes the visualization:

Circles are used to visualise the plotted data. The color of each circle is mapped to the compass data (0˚ = black, 360˚ = white), and the size of each circle is mapped to the speed data (bigger circles = faster). The same data used in this demo, was used in the AntiMap Video snowboarding application. You can see from the visualisation, during heelside turns (left) the colours are a lot whiter/brighter than toeside turns (right). The sharper/more obvious colour changes indicate either sudden turns or spins (eg. the few black rings right in the centre).