I aim to shape products, interfaces and services that mediate meaningful dialogues between people, systems and their environments within everyday life.


Mobile Design, Affective Computing

Concept for an interactive digital product to address the needs of the working parent to remain connected with his family at work without compromising his business tasks.

The proposed concept is Emotifone, a new mobile phone design with an interface that eases business and personal communication while triggering positive emotional experiences. It serves important communication functions such as phone calls, voicemail, SMS, email, IM, and video calls so that the user always stays connected to clients and loved ones no matter where. Smart technology enables the phone to be aware of its surrounding environment so that it can respond accordingly. It is able to detect a user’s context depending on sound and temperature so that it knows whether to suppress or allow phone call ringtones. With the detection of ambient noise the phone will suppress ringing while in a meeting, but will ring in a private office. Heat sensors can identify its proximity to a human body so that when it finds itself inside a pocket for example, it will vibrate or warm up when a call is received. To further minimize disruptions in the workplace while allowing communication, voicemails can be converted to text so that messages can be read discreetly.

Even with the various forms of communication provided in the phone system, the emotional feelings associated with physical proximity are lost. This device seeks to make loved ones feel closer to each other even at a distance apart by employing affective physical properties such as touch, light, and temperature. It can be configured to glow a certain colour depending on the caller, and users may send emotional signals to each other with various gesture inputs on the touch screen that will change the colour or temperature of the receiving device or make it vibrate or play music. This form of non-verbal communication gives users a sense of togetherness.