I aim to shape products, interfaces and services that mediate meaningful dialogues between people, systems and their environments within everyday life.

Ambient Environments for Emotional Physical Communication

HCI Research
Winter-Summer 2009
School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Team: Dorothy Ho, Michelle Li
Role: Research & analysis, concept development, writing, presentation

Presented at the 2009 HCI Conference in Auckland, New Zealand. Published in Proceedings of the 10th international Conference NZ Chapter of the Acm’s Special interest Group on Human-Computer interaction (Auckland, New Zealand, July 06 – 07, 2009). CHINZ ’09. ACM, New York, NY, 81-84.

This paper extends our understanding of existing physical and gestural interfaces and presents a potential design space in affective computing using human movement as a form of emotionally expressive interaction across physical distances. We discuss a conceptual design in which emotive, non-verbal modes of social collaboration can facilitate remote communication over networked intelligent environments. Exploring this idea for such an interaction can help us consider future contexts in facilitating more expressive and communicative human-human interaction.