I aim to shape products, interfaces and services that mediate meaningful dialogues between people, systems and their environments within everyday life.

Data Visualization

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Data Visualization, Interaction Design

Highly interactive visualization framework for navigating journeys, lifecycles, conversations and workflows in order to help users complete target tasks. Sankey diagrams visualize 2D/3D flows through a sequence of steps along time and through horizontal channels. By providing real-time visual displays of alerts, performance and analytics, the application is an instrument of communication, creation, publishing, customization and insights. Simplicity in design was achieved through reductionsim by presenting only what is required.

Role: Created concept sketches, wireframes and mockups of visualizations and interaction flows; collaborated with remote clients through design interactions; communicated with technical team in understanding technical limitations and advised developers on design implementation.

Financial Interactive Wall
Data Visualization, Interaction Design

A 12 ft x 3.5 ft interactive multi-touch display installed in a high traffic executive lobby of a Fortune 500 client office. Designed visualization display for global view of real-time market performance and actively engages users through multi-input visual interface with interactive maps, charts and animations. Design challenges included ergonomics considerations including the physical height of top-most screen area, issues with picking small geographic areas, and labelling densely clustered areas.

Process: Created concept sketches, wireframes and mockups and went through numerous iterative feedback meetings with remote clients and on-site developers; built a full-scale paper prototype; created style guide and polished graphics & artwork.

Collaborative Command & Control
Data Visualization, Interaction Design, Mobile Design

An on-going experimental project using real-time 3D visualization to provide interactive visual collaboration tools for military personnel to maintain situation awareness of the battlefield, monitor status of location-based entities, communicate and collaborate with peers over live data, execute visual task planning, and create annotations.

Role: Re-designed the look and feel of the user interface for desktop and mobile platforms; created interaction flows, wireframes, and mockups for new features and enhancements; conducted usability evaluations and surveys with users.

Communications Health & Status Monitoring
Data Visualization, Interaction Design, Mobile Design

A client requested a re-design of their existing software used to configure and monitor communication connections, subsystems and assets, to support new ad-hoc communications in reaction to changing situations, and to troubleshoot network problems.

Role: Conducted on-site usability evaluations; proposed a re-design to simplify user workflow; improved existing UI with a fresh approach in viewing and interacting with data; created a consistent user experience across multiple platforms including desktop, tablet and mobile devices; delivered proposal presentation to clients and executives.

Strategic Analysis for Decision-Making
Data Visualization, Dashboard Design

I designed an interactive visual analytics dashboard to present numerous data sets, trends, change indicators, correlation data, metadata points, and activity timelines. This data fusion shows different levels of detail simultaneously while being able to understand local details with global awareness that allows field experts to make rich comparisons, understand subtle performance indicators, and perform strategic analysis to drive decisions.

Process: Figuring out the visual treatment of multiple distributions of massive data sets over time presented some challenges that my team needed to address: classifying categories, comparing across multiple variables, presenting high-density data for both at-a-glance understanding and deep analysis, dealing with missing and outlying data, providing interactive data analysis over multiple timelines, spatial deconfliction, and selecting effective colour schemes. With ongoing feedback and communication with the client, remote teams, and developers, I explored countless ideas, concepts and visualizations to achieve the most effective narrative and interactive examination of data.

Financial Visualization
Data Visualization, Mobile Interaction

Created visual concepts for 2D and 3D visualizations financial data and designed novel interaction techniques of engaging with the data to improve on an existing iPad app for a Fortune 500 client. Presented data effectively at both a macro overview and micro detailed view to facilitate at-a-glance comprehension. The app received outstanding reviews upon its release.

Role: Initial research of clients’ user personas and existing competitor products; gathered project requirements; participated in numerous iterations of design concepts developed through sketches, wireframes, interaction flows and UI/visualization mockups.