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Patterns of Mobility | Self-Portrait

Information Visualization
Fall 2008
School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Information in the form of a self-portrait visualizing my locations, routes and the modes of transportation over 5 days of my life. I also kept track of the times at which I travelled so I considered the use of colour to differentiate the different days and times of travel. The resulting piece illustrates my patterns following the form of Hong Kong’s topography. Because of the rich data set I had collected, it was important to convey the information on both a macro and micro level for the viewers. Macro view gives a big-picture idea of the data set (the map pattern), while micro view communicates the details of my travels, such as the date, time, exact location, duration. I created a colour-coded timeline to engage viewers on the micro level, which also acts as a legend for the line colours and types on the map.