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Photocollage System

Computer Science Capstone Design
Dynamic Graphics Project Lab (dgp), University of Toronto

Photocollage is a photographic approach whereby multiple images are combined to create a new whole. The result is an expressive composition containing multiple views of the same subject that forces the viewer to re-adjust his/her viewpoint as each composite image is examined. This technique has been extensively practiced by British artist, David Hockney, to create pieces such as “Portrait of the Artist’s Mother”.

Using traditional methods the artist would take various shots of sections of the subject and overlay them on top of each other such that identical areas are overlapped. This requires a considerable amount of time to in order to try to fit them into place. One may find that certain images need to be re-photographed to work in the composition, or that several images need to be enlarged or reduced in size. This trial and error process can prove to be not only frustrating and time consuming, but may produce undesirable results.

The Photocollage System is an interactive, computer-assisted framework for creating a composite image in the style of a photocollage given a series of photographs. It engages users interactively through a simple, user-friendly graphical interface providing specialized tools for creating photocollages, but which are also flexible enough for other artistic endeavours, such as photomontages.

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