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Simulated Realities

The past month kept me occupied with building a couple of interactive installations: Layered City urban planning game and an augmented reality topographic sandbox. It all finally came together this past weekend.

I collaborated with the Seattle Design Nerds to create two interactive installations for the American Planning Association (APA) conference. The first was a physical community building game made up of five plexiglass panels/layers arranged in such a manner that when viewed from one end then form an entire city. Each panel corresponds to a “layer” of planning: public works, private works, landmarks, transportation, and land use. When participants approach the installation they draw a game card that directs the participant within one of the “layers” to add an individual element of the city (bus, house, bridge, etc.) with a stencil. By using washable window crayons, participants fill in the stencil within the context of its surroundings on the panel and spatially relating the element through other layers. Participants are also invited to created their own cards for each layer with their own directions to others to accommodate items, situations or concepts that we may have missed. In this way the game and installation evolves over the conference.

Our second installation was a digital SimSandbox, an augmented reality topographic simulation using a Kinect and projector. The display is based on the software designed by Oliver Kreylos. By moving around the sand you can create mountain and valley terrains. You can add water by holding your hand up high above the terrain and watch the water flow through the terrain. In this way the system could be used to illustrate topographic changes, erosion, flooding, as well as the effect of sea level rise on world cities.